Easy Free Web Cam

Download Easy Free Web Cam

Easy Free Web Cam is an innovative webcam application that comes as a fully featured package for you! It is designed to cater all your webcam necessities the way you would want. The program is intended to be very simple to use through its user friendly and straight interface which makes navigation easy for any user, a novice or an advance user.

The most important thing about this program is that it can be highly customized to suit your requirements and choice. It is possible to set the sharpness, brightness, backlight, saturation, hue, contrast, white balance and other properties for the web cam video. Alternatively, you can use the default settings for the video. Configuring the format of stream is also allowed for the frame rate, video standard, compression, output size and color space.

Not only the video properties, it is even possible to select and set the web cam devices, adjust the properties of the capture device, select the destination for the images captured, set the motion detection as well as sensitivity of the device. With this tool, you can set the time intervals for pausing the image uploads and select the priority out of high, normal or low and select the full screen option. You can also use password protection and directly upload the captured shots to FTP. It is also possible to remove time stamp out of captured snapshots. Though offering so much, the application does not use much of your system resources.

For those who would like to have a good control over their webcam, this application is a good one to have!