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Police Scanner is a freely downloadable application which allows you to listen to police and radio scanners in your locality. This application allows you to listen to the live streams, real scanners and feeds, and all free of cost. The application has access to your location, approximately, using the network-based approach. The location services running in this app utilizes the network location source such as Wi-Fi and cell towers. For it to be effective, the devices should ensure that the location services are turned on.

The app can also identifies your precise location using GPS (global positioning system). In this case too, the location services in the app should be turned on, but the device may consume some additional power from the battery. The app has many other additional features including the ability to read the status of the phone on which it is residing. It includes details such as phone number, identity number of the device, Active Call details, and details of the remote numbers called from the device.

Another feature of this app includes its ability to ensure that the tablet or phone, on which it is residing, doesn’t shift to the sleep mode. Understandably, this feature too will cause more power drain from the battery. An optional feature of this app is its ability to create network sockets, thereby creating full network access. This feature is not unique or necessary as browsers and many other applications already have the features for internet connectivity and data transfer.

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