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MediaRing Talk is another familiar product in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market. This application has almost all the features expected from a standard internet mobile application. The application requires you to have it installed on your computer along with an Internet connection for making calls and chats from a computer to another computer or from a computer to a registered phone number.

The user of this application needs to buy credits to make calls to mobile numbers. Since this application works over VOIP technology, the quality of the service is very much dependent on the IP latency of the calling country. If the recipient’s country has a higher latency, the call almost looks like a slow motion one, with lots of discomfort. The chats and email service offered by the application makes its communication channel and methods with options and the quality of chats and emails have good feedback. The rates required to make calls through this application are comparatively cheaper when compared to the normal international rates. Also a user can continue to surf the internet as they are making the calls, making provisions for the user to multitask using the same net connection. The application notifies any missed calls on the way as the user was talking over this application.

This application supports ICQ technology. Hence it is easy to make calls to anyone over ICQ network. This tool has been used as a backup for Skype application by many VOIP users, during times when Skype is not available. This application comes as a best preference by users of particular areas making regular calls to countries like India, Singapore, and the UK. The quality of service varies according to the regions. You can make a try with this tool as this is a free to install application and charges are required only for making calls to international phone numbers.

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