Download Magicfeatures Plugin for MagicJack

Magicfeatures Plugin for MagicJack, as suggested by its name, is a beneficial plugin software that is intended to help users enhance the functionality of their MagicJack. This utility comes with several beneficial features including displaying the Caller ID with their Names, Displaying Caller ID of the Caller who is on wait, Shows the Caller ID of the present Caller, allows dialing of local digits using their 7-digit number, ability to set Do Not Disturb messages, ability to block Anonymous Callers, ability to reject specific callers, ability to record calls, and ability to cancel calls that are on wait.

Designed and developed for Windows based platforms, you can implement this tool in Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions. You can avail this tool on a free to try basis for a limited duration of 7 days; and if satisfied procure this application at a nominal rate. The tool is a product from the house of PCPhoneSoft. Thanks to this plugin tool, you can now use your MagicJack dongle along with your system to make phone calls without any hassle and also manage calls as per your requirements.

The various functionalities that come integrated with this utility mean you no longer have to be harassed by unwanted calls from telemarketers and sales representatives. You can configure the app to block all numbers other than those listed in your caller list or to even block out specific numbers. The benefit of this mechanism is that the system does not even entertain these numbers to leave messages. This tool claims to be an ideal call management system.

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