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A free to use software application, Globe 7 is basically a VoIP software utility that is intended to help users implement communication from one PC to another, free of charge, and from PC to landlines or mobiles, at one of the most economic rates. Designed and developed by an entity of the same name, you can implement this tool in various Windows based platforms such as Windows 2000, 7, NT, XP, and Vista versions. This tiny application goes beyond communication and also offers various opt-in widgets that you can use to obtaining a complete entertainment experience.

Because it allows you to integrate your communication application with IM Videos, News, Games, etc. The tool offers support for various entertainment channels such as Live Radio, Live TV, Forex, Movies, Astrology, Pets, Sports, Recipes, etc. According to the publishers, this service offers one of the cheapest calling rates for making calls from PC to a landline or mobile. You can also send messages using this service to mobile phones or even chat using the IM service. The entertainment channels such as Sports, Movies, Fashion, etc come free of charge. There is also a game feature that allows you to play interactive games for free.

Another feature included in this app is the Video function that you can use to upload your videos and share it with family or friends. You can also view videos that have been uploaded for sharing by your friends and acquaintances. “Free to Air” TV channels and Radio is another interesting feature that you can avail from this service. With so many free services, one thing that is bound to tag along is advertisements, and there is no dearth of them in this app. However, considering that there are lots of free features and utilities, this limitation can be overlooked to some extent.

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