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FastVoip, as is evident from its name, is a free to use software application that offers one of the simplest and easiest methods to make calls or send messages to your family or friends. Designed and developed by an entity of the same name, you can use this tool to make calls, including overseas calls, at a more economical rate by using your Internet facility. The tool also claims to offer some of the best call rates for both local and international calls. It claims to be an efficient competitor for Skype, one of the more popular online call services available on the Internet.

Some of the prominent features offered by this application are more SMS-es, enhanced error messaging feature for failed logins, better user validation procedures for new accounts, enhanced user experience through its improved graphic user interface, ability to import vCard files, ability to match countries and their relevant prefixes, etc. The tool ensures that its tray icon is always visible whether you are logged in to the service or not. Moreover, the essential menu items can also be accessed while being logged out. You can also connect to the service using HTTP proxy server.

The latest version of the software claims to have made several enhancements such as fixing a crash when the 5060 port is being used by another user, alerting a user when the same contact is added twice to the list, fixing a crash when a SMS is duplicated or when it is send in the midst of a call. Thus, if you are looking for a means to communicate with your colleagues, acquaintances, family, or friends, using your internet connectivity and at a more economic rate; then this software claims to be the ideal solution for your needs. Supported in various Windows based platforms, you can implement this tool in Windows 2000, 7, XP, and Vista versions.

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