Download TwitterMCE

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site across the globe. It allows you to meet friends, tweet, follow and many other things. If you are on twitter and want to access your profile within Microsoft Windows Media Center, here is a wonder application which will enable you with the power to access almost everything within Microsoft Windows Media Center. This social networking software is known as the TwitterMCE.

Once you install this software all you have to do is to amaze yourself. This program will allow you to post tweets, view friends, and view your followers. You can also check out any body’s profile at any time you wish to. You can also delete tweets within the reach of the Microsoft Windows Media Center. Suppose you are watching a video and want to tweet something at that time. The video mode of this software allows you to tweet as well as watch your video simultaneously. You don’t have to compromise to stop one thing to see the other.  Your TV remote will act as the mouse or touch pad now. The up button of your remote will make the page to the full screen size. You can obviously have a better view and bigger font size. You can now see every thing which is posted to your profile page. You can also have the view of all those posts which are displayed in your home page.

You will also come to know whenever anyone mentions about you in any comment, photo or any post. This will make you refer to all those important links where you are the subject of importance. This social networking software requires a windows base. Operating systems like Windows 8, windows7 and vista are capable to provide a platform to run this software

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