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Twidium software application helps all the Twitter account holders to increase their followers. This software sends out friend requests to specific group of people as selected by the user. As these requests are sent to different theme accounts several other accounts starts following thus increasing the followers of the sender and bringing in publicity. By using Twidium if other accounts does not start to follow your Twitter account then you are free to stop it automatically after a couple of days. It provides you the easiest way to increase the number of friends and followers. Twidium was published on October 2012 by the Twidium Team and continues to be successful.

Twidium targets only those accounts of specific themes and does not hack or spam others’ twitter account. This ensures that only those who are genuinely interested in your account send in their requests. The user can share all his important thoughts or have discussion on any issues with the new friends. Twidium has got many important parameters that the user can actually set when they start using this software. It helps to increase the Twitter account followers reliably and more professionally. Twidium can easily find out all the accounts that have not become your followers and those specific accounts get unfollowed automatically.
Twidium fully supports all automatic work with proxy servers for decreasing the twitter limit. It is a great software tool and easy to operate. Users just need to download and install the Twidium software following the manual. It is compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista operating system. With its user friendly nature it is very popular among users. This tool has got a free trial version of 15days that helps the users to operate it before buying. It is totally clean and does not contain any malware, spyware or viruses.

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