Download TweetCaster Pro for Twitter for PC Windows

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter for PC Windows is an application that allows you to manage your numerous Twitter accounts and your activity with ease. The application has very smooth and ease interface which takes no time to get habituated with and to master. With this application, along with managing numerous accounts on twitter, you can also make posts on your Facebook page, while you post the same on your twitter account.

This application makes it easy to sort and explore your notifications with ease and also allows you to stop or mute any notification that is bothering you without unfollowing the account. The zipping feature of muting tweets can be used for keywords too, making sure you do not get any notification for tweets on a particular topic. Very effective filter, easy to search options and theme support makes the application you a thing to have on your computer. Other important features like scheduling future tweets, dictating tweets and making tweets easier to read are very useful for users.

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