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Twitter is the most widely used social networking site. Many people are associated with this site and stay in touch with their friends. In twitter there are many things which we need to do by ourselves like managing accounts, adding, removing tweets etc. on twitter. We need some sort of software which can itself do all such sort of things. Tweet Twiddler is the add-on software of twitter. It has some extra features which make twitting easier and enjoyable. In this software we can make multiple accounts and can manage them efficiently.

We can program it as per our requirement. Tweet Twiddler will save the tweets received from our friends. You can save tweets of your favourite person in this software. This software will remove the tweets after the set time period. This does not make a chunk of so many tweets. By keeping only favourite tweets will make easy for us in sorting and searching the particular tweets. You can make separate labels also to keep desired tweets separate from the junk ones.

Tweet Twiddler keeps track of your friends and followers also. It maintains and updates the list of your friends. If any friend or follower is removed from your account then that notification will come to you immediately. You can add multiple followers at the same time by creating list of followers. With Tweet Twiddler Software twitter becomes more enjoyable and fun making site. You will enjoy twitting more after installing Tweet Twiddler software into your system. It is simple and small in size software compatible for all kind of versions of windows. It can be installed in mobile phones also. Twitting was never so interesting before the Tweet Twiddler software. You will enjoy the real fun of twitting with your friends and followers with it.