Tweek Auto post

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Tweek auto post is a light weight firmware application where you are provided with facilities like automatic posting in your twitter account. It has a simple graphical interface together with twitter profile information.

It is very useful software if you are regular in posting tweets. This software comes in multi-panel layouts. All you need to do is enter your username and password of your twitter account and input the messages in a synchronized way. Then the tweek auto post software post these tweets after certain intervals of time. You can also publish a message instantly. You may find a profile information panel at the bottom of the main window. It keeps you informed about the number of followers, members, favorites and tweets.

You may not find a secondary configuration screen if you do not want to spend much time setting up the application. Tweek auto posts may not require very good computer skills but if you are a new user, it gives you details about how to use the software in the help manual. Therefore one may go through the help topics if they need any assistance regarding the built in features. An internet connection is required to run this application and since it’s a very light version, it runs on all the versions of Windows like Vista, XP and 7.