TicknTalk Twitter Client

Download TicknTalk Twitter Client

If you are on twitter and use Firefox as your preferable default browser, you need not searching for using various twitter clients anymore.  Here is social networking software known as the Tick n Talk Twitter Client (For Firefox) which is a complete twitter client for your browser. Anything you do on twitter be it reading tweets or re tweeting, you will always be feel convenience with this software.

Once you download this software, install it onto your computer and then start your browser once again. The tick n talk community will be now waiting to surprise you. The sidebar of tick n talk will provide you with the display of the important comments and links of the re tweets. When ever you are surfing some other website, the top twitter links will be displayed to you. These links are also updated every moment and give you the information about your followers always. So not only you have the privilege to know the top links through the software sidebar, but also you can comment on their posts directly. This is probably the quickest as well as the easiest way to know what is happening on twitter around you.

The links of twitter are often quite large. This software will shorten the links and display on the sidebar. You will also be shown the twitter timeline in your web history. This becomes more convenient as you can refer back any time you wish to. You can save your favorites, communicate with your fellow followers through direct messages and become a part of tick n talk community. You can also compile all the interesting tweets and add new followers and followings. This software runs on windows operating system like windows 8, Vista and windows7.