Download Social Lite

Social networking has become an integral part of everybody. These sites provide you with the power of communication. If you are into more than one social networking site and find it difficult to manage them, then here is the software called Social Lite. This software will not use much time or computer resources.  Popular networking sites can be accessed together and features like popup notifications for fresh updates and text messages.

The software works more or less like a web browser along with tab on the upper edge of the window for each site. You have to only click on them so as to switch between accounts. This software takes you to your profile page instead of email account. For the popup notation, you will never overlook it as a built in soothing music to alert you. You have to reload each opened webpage all by yourself so as to check your new notification. This software does not have some basic options like changing settings as well as no help desk to refer your problems.

This software works quite fast. Though it has certain flaws, but the designer team is working on it. Windows operating system like windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as 8 are capable of supporting this software.


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