Download SharpReader

Luke Hutteman is the brain behind the development of SharpReader, an RSS aggregator tool that uses .NET platform and is designed with a three pane interface. This tool claims to offers one of the best bandwidth capabilities, thanks to its HTTP Conditional GET function that makes it possible to subscribe to new feeds without actually using dialogs. This dialog-less mechanism ensures that RSS feeds are downloaded faster and easier. The implementation of the aggregation feature is also simple and easy; you just need to drag and drop the link from which you want to download the feeds into the tool’s browser interface.

You can also directly enter the URL or address of the feeds source website in the address tab in the browser window. Like most RSS feed aggregator tools, this utility can also be downloaded for free. Some of the other prominent features and functionalities offered by this tool include compatibility with all versions of RSS, distinct modules such as Dublin core, formatting of the content body with XHTML that enables users to easily categorize the feeds under various categories, encoding of content, ability to re-order the feeds as per your requirements and by using a simple drag and drop, and the ability to refresh feeds either based on category or based on a per feed basis.

This utility has been in vogue for a few new years and has its dedicated client base. All the same, over the years other aggregator utilities have been introduced in the market; while this tool continues with its same set-up as when it was introduced. Therefore, users feel that it is time for a face-life and a set of enhancements. This can be considered a limitation for the tool, although it continues to work good albeit a few set-backs. The absence of any kind of Help or instruction manual is considered another of its limitations. Nevertheless, the tool still fulfills its objective and performs the tasks that it has promised. You can implement it in various Windows platforms such as Windows 98, 2000, 7, 8, NT, XP, and Vista versions.