Naevius Facebook Layout

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Facebook, the popular social networking has over one billion active users. Reports suggest that it is the most used social application worldwide. Now with so many users registered, the users are trying different layouts in order to set apart their account from others. One such popular layout which would definitely make your Facebook profile very stylish is Naevius Facebook Layout. This freeware application is a pretty simple and handy tool for customizing your Facebook layout.

Once you open this software you will get a list of various themes from which you can choose a particular one according to your choice. You can even preview the theme before deciding to apply the chosen one. The key feature of this application which makes it a big hit among users is the wide range of themes that you are supplied with. The themes are well designed and have a very good cultural connection. NFL, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Batman, Bob Marley and Hello Kitty are some of the popular themes in this application.

Naevius Facebook Layout constantly updates their gallery at a very regular interval in order to provide the users with new themes to choose from. You must surf with Windows Explorer browser in order to use this software. With an easy interface and colorful and fresh themes, this software is surely a must download for the tech savvy and stylish young generation. This software definitely provides you a definite edge if you want to stand out among others when it comes to Facebook profile.