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As there are many social networking site available on Internet which allows making our social profile. But we still feel some sort of limitations in that. We want the profile which suits our personality. Such facility is provided by Model book software. This software facilitates you to create you profile just like other social networking sites but also makes you able to customize your profile according to your likes.

This is social networking software in which you can add your friends or your colleagues. You can upload the images also. It is SQL database software in which you can retrieve and store any information and get the result of any queries.

Model book is a social net working online site where you can make your profile with the provision of modification. The images upload in this software can be seen as slide show format. It is based on PHP application which is much secure and authenticated. The information you upload on this site will be secured and will be kept in between you and your friends. Your friend list will be seen by you and your friends only. No other third party can intrude your profile.

Model book is made for making community of your friends and family members. You can add many of your friends in your community and can communicate with them very and often. You can share any information and images of yours. It is made on the concept of social networking sites and their platform. Searching and viewing profile is very easy in this software. You can keep track on the activities of your friends. Feel the experience of social networking site with Model Book software. Model book is the innovative means to make strengthen the relationships between your friends and familiar persons.