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Twitter is one of the most popular social sites which have almost around 500 million registered users. The steep rise of Twitter has lead to the launch of other software's which are based on managing tweet streams. Metro Twit is one such Twitter client software which has found a great place for itself among the regular twitter users. This software is based on Metro design language. The software is quite popular among users for it’s sleek features, good looks and elegant interface.

The software is designed by Microsoft and mainly uses Microsoft .Net 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation 4 for simple layout designing. This confusion free software easily allows tracking your Twitter feeds, simple tweet and even replying to your tweet in a very easy manner. You can search the twitter site by keyword or hash tags through this website. This website automatically re-sizes the information column according to the window size of your device. Once you are logged in this software you will automatically receive your friend’s tweets, messages and mentions in your home window.

Along with these live messages, this application also provides you with great media support. With the help of this software you can link to twitpic or yfrog to send your images online. Metro Twit also has an additional popup and audio notification. You can integrate this application with the Windows 7 taskbar which is also a very big advantage than other twitter client software. It gives the users a large range of settings from which the user can customize according to their needs.This bug-free software is one of the best twitter client software for Windows and one which you would prefer to make your twitter life hassle-free.