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Klout is a website based service that calculates the score of social media influence a user has. It calculates and assesses the online activity of the user on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare (coming soon) and lets them know their Klout score. This score is between the window of 1-100 and calculates the overall online influence of the user.

The Klout scores keep updating themselves on a regular basis. When there is productive social interaction by the user, their score increases. The website, however, does not give any advice as to how a user can increase their score if it falls. On access of a user’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, Klout gives out four scores, i.e. Klout score, True reach, Amplification probability and Network score.

Klout score is majorly linked to the clicks, comments, and re-tweets that a user gets. True Reach estimates the size of the user’s audience who consistently react to the user’s posts. Amplification Probability is the possibility that your tweets will be re-tweeted on Twitter, or get a like or comment on Facebook. The Network score analyses the user’s engaged audience and then makes note of how influential they are. The functionality of Klout is that it calculates the user’s social presence and helps them track it.

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