Joes MySpace Editor

Download Joes MySpace Editor

Joes MySpace Editor is application software which creates custom layouts of Myspace websites. To make your profile more creative it offers you various tools to make them interesting and attractive. You can get code of every layout you want to have in your page. This software edits and modifies the layout of the page in Myspace. You can change the color of table, increase number of rows and columns in the table etc.

This is a free hand tool for the user to change the profile layout. It requires no specific technical knowledge for carrying out the things related to modification of the page. You just need to make changes by using graphical options like color selection, background, thickness of the rows, position of the image etc. It will fetch the code of the changes made by you in CSS formats. Copy and paste this code in the source file of your MySpace page.

You can decide the layout view of your friends. If you want five friends to come in a row you can do this by pasting the code at your imagined position. You can share link of your profile page to your multiple friends simultaneously. It is the good and effective tool to change the layout of your blog page without putting any extra effort and skill.