Download Izimi

Izimi software is built for sharing user’s data to any friends via online.  As there are many other ways to share your data available on PC to your friend on internet. But Izimi software is a systematic approach to keep your files and to share what you wish to share with your friends. This software has two applications one is installed on the PC of the user of data on internet. It require internet to share your files with your friend sitting at remote place.

Izimi software is the best means to share your files, images, videos to your friend in quickest and safest method. It stacks all your data in the application of your PC and you can select those data which you want to show to your friends. It sends the data directly to your friend. Your friend can see the data on the application available on the internet. Since it is using its own application software so there is no point for data leakage. Your data will remain safe. It will ask your permission every time before sharing link to your friend.

Izimi software is small software with wide list of amazing features. It occupies very small space for installation. It does not require any specific technical knowledge for installation. It is completely based on GUI application and user-friendly. It can be learnt very easy. The steps for sharing and publishing the data on internet are very easy and straight forward. Now you can share whatever you like with your friends. Your favorite songs, videos, pictures can be immediately accessed by your friends. With Izimi software you can get reviews and comments of your friends in no time. This software has facebook comment link also where you can see the comments of your tagged photos and videos.