Facebook Fan Poster

Download Facebook Fan Poster

If you are a Facebook celebrity and have a fan page, you will find many people who like you and your fan page. They pour in wall posts, photographs videos and so on. All they want in return is your updates and replies to their posts. So if you do not have time but wish to keep in touch with your fans then here is your solution. The Facebook Fan Poster is an automated tool which posts in content to your fan page wall as per your pre mentioned schedule or automated schedule.

Whenever you post something your fans will expect fresh material. They are eager to know about your latest information. So all you have to do is feed this software with your latest information in bulk amount and plan a schedule whenever you are free. You can also leave it without planning a schedule because it can do it automatically. So if automatic, this software will judge the appropriate time for posting your submitted context. This software will log into your account and navigate through it. The software will display types of comments that can come and you can also comment back accordingly. You can also load in web links. Then you have to click a button to finish the manual procedure.

When you install this software, both manual and video guide is provided to you for your ease of understanding. This software can be installed in systems having Operating system Windows 2000, 2003, Vista as well as 7.