Download eXTweet

Many people are using social networking sites for online marketing. For this we need some tool or software which search for us a good number of friends. eXTweet is software available in the series for performing this task faster and easier. eXTweet is application software of the twitter which helps in adding the large number of friends to our twitter account. This software helps in getting large number of followers to our twitter account. It boosts our friend list in very short time. It automatically adds thousands of friends, followers and subscribers into your account. Twitter is a widely used social networking site having large number of followers and friends. eXTweet application software keeps the details and information of all the followers . It adds followers into your account based on the keyword criteria. It is additional application software of twitter which adds new features to the Twitter’s applicability.

EXTweet can play a significant role in marketing of anything. You can send your ideas to thousands of people in fast and easy method. It searches for the people depending on keywords. It can search for more than one keyword also. You can add a list of followers to your account who own their business or lives in a particular city. You can add those peoples also whose names start from the letter A etc.

EXTweet extracts contacts of the people from your emails and contacts list also. It can import contact details from your mails. It creates boom of friends in social networking sites. It is always very advantageous to have large number of followers into our account. This software is easy to install.  You need not do anything for adding friends to you Twitter account. Just install it and let it add large number of followers to your account without any hassles.