Cowlick For Windows 8

Download Cowlick For Windows 8

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking website which is used by many people around the world. Cowlick is a twitter application which adds extra features to the twitter. On installation this software gives the amazing experience of using the twitter. It offers you more advance features of Twitter. It enables us to customize the twitter application as per our likes. You can change the theme color which matches your personality. You can view conversations or images with your friends in full screen mode by locking its orientation.

It saves the tweets or messages on your computer for further reading in your leisure hours. You need not connect to the internet or to log in in your twitter account for reading the tweets. It saves your time and provides mobility to you to get update with favorite tweets anywhere and anytime. It saves URL link to your system of the tweets. If you want to reply to any tweets you can reply to it by clicking over it. It directly takes you to the page where you can reply your friends after giving just username and password.

It gives the more advanced features what you were expecting from the Twitter. It overcomes all the limitations of the twitter application and offers many advanced and amazing features to it. This software makes the twitter more interesting. You can make text effects by changing font size and font color etc. You can pin your favorite menus, friends, and various applications of twitter on the start menu of this software. It allows you to access the twitter faster than before. It deletes all not usable timelines contents. You can view and download all videos and images with easy click on your computer for later viewing on your computer system.