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Looking for a software tool that can provide you a high quality SMS service? You are at the right place! Try the all powerful SMS tool, witSoft SMS today! It is sure to help you with all your personal and business requirements with SMS messages. It is designed to provide you with a two way communication through your PC for free.

Short Messaging Service would never have been so exciting and easy before. The program resides in your system tray so that you can access it quickly whenever you want. Viewing the incoming messages and sending messages anywhere around the world is just a matter of a few clicks. As you work with the computer, you can look for the best messages from the internet and paste them to the application to send them to your friends. Once you connect your phone or modem to the application, you can send and receive the SMS messages right on your desktop in real time and can reply them instantly.

The most impressive feature of the tool is its auto reply and scheduling facility. You can priorly set to send the messages to selected contacts at particular time. Also, you can schedule frequently performed tasks to save time and effort. It supports up to ten modems simultaneously. Its import and export function lets you use it in integration with other applications. You can easily export the SMS messages to external files.

The program is highly useful for business processes like promotion of products, communication with customers, marketing, etc. It is equally helpful for job alerts, ad campaigning, office employees and educational institutions. With all the features a good SMS software should offer, witSoft SMS stands as one of the best tool in the class. Download it for free right here and see for yourself!

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