Download Text2GSM

Text2GSM is a fully featured SMS software designed to serve the purpose of sending bulk messages to phone numbers from a computer. With the help of a modem or phone or just internet connection, one can send out text messages to a group of people worldwide in seconds at the same time. The basic use of the program is for sending out marketing campaigns, offers and promotions to business clients for increasing the productivity of a user's business.

The most impressive feature of the program is the autosending option. You can have files with messages and contacts in any folder. The program looks for the files and once found, the message would be sent out automatically. Alternatively, you can have the list of phone numbers in the phonebook. It is also possible to set the program to check for emails on a server and send them to the phone by itself. The tool supports TCP/IP, TAP and UCP protocols.

It is also possible to schedule messages for late delivery. You can specify the date and time of the delivery of message and the program takes care of it. One can save message templates to send them quickly whenever one wants. The program offers you double length of message. It can even be started with command line arguments. With all these and more features, this application stands as a powerful option for those who are looking for a good SMS tool for himself. Get it for free right here and see for yourself!