SMS Reception Center

Download SMS Reception Center

One of the useful SMS tools available in market, SMS Reception Center is designed to process your text messages. This unique software tool serves the purpose of performing various actions on receiving SMS message. These actions can be running a program, firing a query, updating a database or sending an email. If you are looking for an application that can handle your incoming SMS messages for you, this program is the perfect choice.

The program uses a mobile phone or GSM modem that you connect to your computer for sending and receiving messages. It serves as a SMS gateway system to forward your messages to one or more recipients. A built in server is used for this purpose. The other thing is that this program can be customized to perform the tasks you want on receiving the messages. Without using the internet connection, you can control the incoming and outgoing messages right from your desktop with this tool. Just set the actions you want to be performed when any SMS arrives and you are done.

A fully featured tool offering unique features designed for those who need to handle a lot of text messages. Get it today and make your life easier.