SMS Frenzy Lite

Download SMS Frenzy Lite

SMS Frenzy Lite is a tiny and light weight program designed to let you send SMS messages to mobile phones from your computer. It works like other SMS tools that use the service of the GSM enabled mobile phone or modem for sending text messages to cell phones. With out of the class features and useful functions, this program stands out from the rest in the category. It would surely cater your SMS needs efficiently.

The most important thing about this tool is that it lets you send your composed messages without adding to them. It does not prefix or suffix your text with anything. The other useful thing is its support for Excel workbooks and CSV files. You can have a database of contacts with MS Excel and import the whole files to the program to use the information for sending messages. You need not type the phone numbers of recipients manually.

The program features a very user friendly interface with wizard options that make it very easy to start using. The program does not require any internet connection to send messages. The most inexpensive solution to bulk messaging! Not only text, it even supports flash SMS. With this tool, you can also check the status of the sent messages through the delivery reports option. It even saves the messages to different folders for future use. What more would one want for bulk messaging? SMS Frenzy Lite offers you all the standard functions of a good SMS tool and hence proves to be the best download for anyone.