SMS Control Center

Download SMS Control Center

SMS Control Center is a powerful yet simple solution to using your computer for sending text messages through a mobile phone. This program uses the connected Android phone to send and receive SMS messages around the world. Once connected, it syncs all your messages to the desktop automatically and arranges them into folders like conversations, inbox and sent items. The program resides in the system tray so that you receive an instant notification for every incoming message. You can use the display panel of the notification to reply or call the sender of the message immediately.

You can search the folders for required message or contacts and can also print the data. It is possible to transfer the contacts from phone to computer along with pictures. Send out messages to group of contacts in just a single click with its bulk messaging functionality. It also offers you with delivery reports for the sent messages. You also have the option to send auto-reply to incoming messages or calls. It is also possible to create personalized rules for received messages like emailing, forwarding the message, etc. One can also store the messages for future within the application as archives.

Connect your mobile phone using USB, Wifi or bluetooth and start using it for SMS sending with your computer. Being a desktop application, it is very easy to use for beginners as well as expert users. If you are about to making a choice for a SMS tool, this one is the perfect choice!