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Send Free Text Message is one of the software applications designed to offer the users bulk messaging service from their PC. It is a simple tool that comes as a package of features that would make SMS messaging an easy affair. The purpose of the tool is to make it easy and free to send text messages to cell phone numbers around the world. If you are looking for a fully featured solution to bulk messaging, this tool is the perfect choice!

The program is made easy to use by a very user friendly interface and you would not require any skill to start using it. Use it for sending bulk messages to friends and family or to enhance business processes. You can send promotions, offers and product launches to your customers to increase your sales. You can have your contacts stored in the phonebook of the program to make it quicker sending multiple messages at a time. It lets you import contacts from your phone memory and files. The main application of the program is mobile marketing. The most cost efficient and reliable tool for your business! Easily let your customers know about current offers and discounts on products and services and attract them.

Stay in touch with all your near and dear ones by spending a little time to send SMS to all of them at the same time. Handle your events and parties efficiently with this tool by sending invitations quickly. A really amazing bulk messaging tool for anybody!


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