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An all new way to use your computer for chatting and messaging! mysms offers you this! It is a simple yet powerful SMS tool that lets you use your phone number to send text messages from your computer. The purpose of the program is very simple. You will get rid of looking for your cell phone when you are working on the computer and want to text someone. Now you can do this without leaving your desktop and grabbing your phone.

The tool is extremely simple to use. It syncs all your mobile contacts and messages to your computer so that you can directly start typing the message choosing the 'create new' option. As you start typing the name of the contact, it looks for the matching contact names and lets you choose from them. This is possible with all the phones you sync with the application. Not only text messages, you can also send MMS using this software and they can contain photos as attachments.

If you send messages to mobile users, your cell service will be used and charged for SMS. However, if your friends are using this application, you can easily send free messages to each other. In short, mysms is a very useful and powerful SMS software for anybody!

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