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One of the coolest SMS tools available today! Mobile Messenger is a simple and powerful software application that is designed to help you with two-way messaging using your PC. Now sending and receiving SMS messages right from your computer is an easy affair. Featured with best in class options make it an effective option for those who are about to make a choice for a SMS tool for their Windows PC.

Unlike other tools of its class, Mobile Messenger is capable of performing predefined actions on receiving messages. The command line functions can be used to trigger actions like restarting the system or any other RUN command that you can decide priorly. So the program is capable of giving you the complete control of your PC or the network server you are using. It can automatically activate and terminate the services and programs running on your system or server.

The program supports popular mobile phones and GSM modems that you can connect to your computer using serial, USB cable or bluetooth. Once connected, you can use your mobile phone service to send and receive individual or bulk messages directly from the desktop. A built in phonebook lets you store phone numbers of contacts and frequently used numbers too. Another important feature the program offers is the Autosending option. You can set the program to look for specific file extensions and the program searches the folders for them. On finding the files, they will be sent out automatically to the predefined contacts.

With such extraordinary features along with the standard SMS functions, the program surely intends to impress you!

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