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Most of us sit in front of computer or laptop for most of the time of the day. It is often undesirable to reach out the phone to text somebody or read the received SMS. Moreover, typing on the tiny keypad, accessing the address book, reading through the tiny display of mobile phones can make it cumbersome to use it for SMS messaging. It would be beneficial to have a utility that can enable you to use your computer for messaging and thus get rid of operating mobile phone amidst your work on the PC.

One such solution is Easy PC Texting that is designed to enable your computer to send out messages through your mobile phone. You can connect it to the PC via bluetooth, cable or infrared and start using the services right from your desktop. Chat with one or more contacts directly from your desktop. It offers a tabbed interface to handle multiple chat conversations simultaneously. A built in address book lets you store all your contacts and access them easily and quickly. The program features a beautiful user friendly interface that you can even customize using the skins available.

The support for unlimited length of message and multiple languages makes it usable for large number of people around the world. An inbuilt spelling checker is provided to help you with creating messages. It also allows you to search the internet from within it. The intuitive interface makes it easily accessible for anybody. Get it for free right here!