Data Doctor Bulk SMS

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Today, you find a variety of tools for bulk messaging. Each of them has its own set of features that make it suitable for one user or the other. One can easily get a tool that meets his/her needs with bulk SMS sending from the options available in the market. One of those is Data Doctor Bulk SMS. Designed to facilitate bulk message sending from your PC, this unique tool offers you everything a fully featured SMS tool would do.

The program lets you compose text messages of any length and send to individual or group of contacts around the world. You can even choose to import the phone numbers from Excel or text format or from a mobile phone memory. Alternatively, you can add them manually. The instant sending function is the most impressive feature of the tool. One can also save the sent messages in the program itself. With the most advanced options that other SMS tool would not offer, this program serves as one of the best choices for all types of users.

Use it for your personal messaging needs or for your business. It is so easy and quick. It even gives you the option to avoid duplicate numbers in the list of numbers. The ultimate solution to bulk messaging without using internet connection! Try it now for free!