Download Chikka Txt Messenger

Chikka Txt Messenger is one of the earliest clients for PC to mobile messaging. It facilitates free text messaging to any mobile number around the world using your computer. Featuring all the basic SMS functions that any powerful SMS tool for Windows could offer, the program makes a place among the best recommended software tools of today!

The program lets you connect any GSM enabled mobile device or modem to your computer and use its services directly from your system. Sending and receiving SMS messages is now an easy affair. You can reply to text messages instantly and chat as if you are using a powerful chat tool. It even offers you with connectivity to Google Talk so that you can chat with your Google Talk friends even when you are not online. Connecting the mobile phone to the PC doesn't mean you can't leave your PC. You can choose to divert your messages to the cell phone when you are away.

You can also set to get alerts about the status of your friends. You would be notified on the mobile when they come online. It supports 320 characters of SMS and you can use it to send such long messages without the need to type on the restricted space of your mobile keypad. Enjoy typing messages on your keyboard and save time. With its bulk messaging facility, you can simultaneously send messages to a group of contacts, be it your family, friends or colleagues. You can add as many recipients as you want and the program quickly sends the message to all of them.

If you are about to choose a good SMS tool for your Windows PC, consider and try this one today!

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