Download CalistaSoft Email2SMS

In today's growing world of technology, all of us use email programs for communication in day to day routine. We also use SMS for mobile communication with our contacts. What if we could combine mailing and messaging together into one package? Sounds great, Isn't it?

This is made possible by an innovative SMS software designed for Windows users. It is named CalistaSoft Email2SMS and it serves the purpose of sending SMS text messages using e-mail programs. Now sending SMS messages to friends, clients, colleagues and family is really quick and easy. You can send messages using your favorite email client such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Webmail or MS Outlook. This program supports them all and can use any of them equally well to enable SMSing using it for you. What you need to do is just configuring the modem parameters and the mail server to do this function.

You can have the configuration options in the settings menu and once you are done, you can use it to send unlimited messages right from your mail program to whoever you wish. A great tool for anybody looking for an easy solution to SMS messaging. Try it today for free right here!

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