Download Bulk SMS Sender 8 Phones

Bulk SMS Sender 8 Phones is one of those effective tools that are designed to let you send messages to mobile phone numbers from your PC. It makes it possible for users to send bulk messages to unlimited mobile phones through the connected phone supporting GSM. The most important thing is that it lets you connect up to ten phones at a time to your computer for sending messages. The tool is capable of detecting all the phones that you connect to your PC and gives you the option to select the one you would like to use for messaging. Now sending international bulk SMS messages is an easy affair! If you are about to making a choice for a bulk messaging tool, this one is the perfect choice for you.

The application allows you to create customized messages with the fields like name and number that you can edit. You can send any number of international messages by prefixing the country code with the phone number. It even features delayed messages sending. It is possible to add phone numbers from Excel file or manual entry. An important thing about this tool is its ability to keep a log file of sent messages with details like status of the message and date. The failed messages are saved in separate log file.

The service is not affected by the DND restriction. It also lets you send personalized messages to each contact in the list. You also get the delayed delivery facility for the messages. It supports different languages for messages using Unicode. With no requirement for internet connection, this tool is sure to serve the purpose of bulk messaging in the best way!

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