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Due to the increasing use of mobile phones for communication, various software tools that make their use easier are developed. Each of them caters different needs and come with different set of functions. One of the utility that everybody use in their routine life is the SMS service. One can not imagine communication without SMS today. It is preferred as one of the easiest way of communication by most of us. Today, you find a variety of tools in the market that enhance the SMS facility. One of such applications designed to make your life easier with SMSing is Best MessagStorer!

It is a simple program that intended to save SMS, emails and MMS for you. You can choose to save them in CSV file or text format. The most important thing about the program is the beautiful representation of the file that makes it easy to access and view. The files saves as text format can be viewed using notepad application while the CSV files can be exported to Microsoft Excel or other applications supporting CSV.

Not only does it offer storage but also makes it easy by sorting the messages by different criteria like sender, date and type of message. The filters can be used to distinguish between emails, SMS and MMS quickly. Free to download and easy to install, this program is sure to help you deal better with your text and multimedia messages. Now you have an efficient way of storing your phone data securely on your computer for easy access.

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