Download ActiveSMS

ActiveSMS is an all new software that works as a sms gateway for Windows PC. It is designed to add the functionality of two-way messaging service into your Email client and other applications. Some of the exciting features of this tool are :

- Two-way messaging : This ability of sending and receiving messages enhances an application's functionality to communicate with mobile users.

- COM support : Any language supporting COM can be used for sending and receiving SMS such as VB, C++, ASP, etc.

- Two-way gateway : Any email client can be enhanced to offer two way messaging service using this tool. You can send sms by creating an email using your default email system. With few clicks, you can send messages to your contacts and the replies are automatically routed to your inbox.

- Use of .Net component : Support for .Net technology lets you use webforms and ASP.Net for this service.

- Command line interface : Sending messages through command line is also possible.

- Support for Scripting : You can choose to run scripts on receiving a message. For instance, it is possible to send reply to the sender automatically on reception of a sms.

- Message Logging : If you would like to create a database of contact numbers, it is possible by the logging feature. You can log the messages to a database or text file.

- SMS Transport : It features sending and receiving multiple messages by using four ways of messaging. They are : GSM Handset, GSM modem, Internet Gateway and TAP protocol.

These features and others make this software tool the best choice for a SMS software!