3Jam SuperText Desktop

Download 3Jam SuperText Desktop

3Jam SuperText Desktop is a free Windows software that can be used to send SMS messages from your computer for free within United States. For other countries, it provides attractive rates. If you have a phone number in US or your friend is online, texting to him is totally free and unlimited.

The tool is extremely simple to download and use and features an amazing interface that makes it fun to use. In addition to the standard SMS features, it offers you some advanced functions like : Ability to add the photos for your friends so that you see them when you text them, choosing the type of sound you want to listen with a new message, setting to receive the replies directly to your phone. A group chat can also be set up by the Group Chat option. With this option, multiple users would be able to receive the message you send and anyone in the group can send reply that will be delivered to everyone in the group.

The purpose of the tool is to make messaging easier for you by getting you rid of the job of typing on your cell phone. A very useful tool indeed! If you are about to choose the SMS software for you, this one is the perfect choice!