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2WaySMSMessenger is a very effective windows application for bulk SMS service. With a support for all popular modems and phones, it makes it possible for you to send as well as receive messages right from your PC. It serves the purpose of sending bulk SMS using your computer. What makes it stand out from other SMS tools is its sim hosting capability and keyword scanning feature. It serves as a survey tool for you by analysing the incoming SMS for keywords so that you get marketing information from your customers.

Another important feature of the tool is the ability to create personalized messages whereby you can send customized content to individual contacts. You can also avail the benefit of scheduling the SMS for sales and follow up purpose. It also features auto-reply tool which sends out predefined replies based on the keywords of the SMS. You can also import and export the contacts to and from this application with text or csv file formats. Moreover, you can create groups of contacts to make it easier to send appropriate content based on grouping.

In addition to these, it saves the sent and received messages that you can export to PDF or Excel and even offers you summary of received and sent SMS history. The unique feature of the tool is the analysis chart that helps you with the market survey. You can easily find out which services and products are most popular among customers by analyzing the keywords of incoming messages and keeping a count of them. The sent versus received SMS chart is also very useful function provided by this great tool.

A really useful SMS software worth trying!