Tweet Architect

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To edit twitter tweets on your own website needs special software. Here is such special software called the Tweet architect. It is a complete tweet editor which includes features like tweet import, tweet export as well as easy handling of tweet spin. Tweet Import is a plug in that imports tweets from many twitter accounts and lists. Tweet export will allow users to export their total tweet history. Tweet spin helps you to create and schedule designs, tweets, accounts, follows and so on. The tweets are also saved in form of text files which can be used later.

Hoot suite export is a unique tool in this software. Hoot Suite is a social system developed for brand management. Its system interface forms a kind of dashboard as well supports integration with social networks. Social Oomph export is also a unique in built tool. This tool will help you to clear out all the tweets that have been posted to your account. By doing so your followers as well as the people you follow will not be lost.

This software does not waste time and it is an extremely important consideration when twitter advertising in the context of reference. This unique software also has tools like search and replace. This comes into play when you want to destroy the tweets as per schedule. It can be done extremely fast. This also allows quick editing of tweets. This is small social networking software so it will not consume much of your memory space. This is also windows software. All the updated Windows Operating System can easily run this software.