Download Sony Vaio Theme

Extensions for the most popular browser of today, Google Chrome are getting extremely popular. A class of extensions for Chrome are the themes that let you customize and enhance the look of your browser. One of the theme plugin for Chrome is Sony Vaio Theme that is inspired and designed based on the latest design of the laptop featured by Sony Vaio. The purpose of the plugin is to bring the beauty and design of the Vaio notebooks to your own browser.

Like any other Chrome plugin, this one is also easy to download and install. As soon as you install it, your Chrome's look changes dramatically. The default silver gray color changes to a white color with a background that features a grid pattern. On opening a new tab, you see an increasingly gray colored background and more grids along with a logo of Vaio. The icons for the most visited sites are displayed in orange color with this theme and they turn green on moving the mouse over the outlines. These are the major changes in look of the Chrome browser that you will find with the new theme. Additional minor changes are also observed.

The theme is perfectly suitable for those laptops that have white design. With this theme, the readability and usability of the browser is enhanced by the use of different colors that highlight the things better. Title bar too seems improved than with the default theme. It is very carefully designed to ensure that it goes nearer to the actual laptop design.

For those who are fascinated by the Vaio design and those who are bored with the default Chrome design, this plugin will prove very useful and impressive. Give your Chrome browser some elegant and modern aesthetics. Impress your family and friends with the amazing graphics you will have using your favorite browser. Don't miss this great opportunity and  download this free plugin from this site just by clicking on the link below.


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