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PDFescape Free PDF Editor is another familiar Google Chrome extension intended for the purpose of making Chrome a more powerful and useful tool, when it comes to satisfying users needs and necessities. This extension allows a user to edit the PDF documents in the browser window on the fly. There is no need for the user to separately save the file and use a separate editor to make the necessary modifications. This add-in also allows the users of the Chrome browser to fill in forms of PDF format within the browser container itself. Once the extension is included in the Chrome version, this becomes an integral part of the browser and generates documents without any watermarks.

With the addition of this extension to your Chrome browser, the user can fill their PDF files, add new texts and images, have hyper links added to their documents, and even have additional fields added to their PDF document. The most notable feature is the way in which end users will fill in their PDF documents. Till now a user will be taking a print out of the document, hand write the fields to be filled in and again scan the copy for uploading the filled in document to the web sites. All these get changed the moment a user installs this extension. The users can directly fill in the PDF document and upload it as a soft copy. Another notable feature is the freedom for the user to delete select pages from the PDF document. The add-in also allows the user to edit/delete select contents using the whiteout tool option. This extension allows Chrome the feature for storing the PDF file either to the local system or to the available online accounts in the cloud. Emailing the PDF files on the fly is another feather in the cap of this extension. Another mentionable feature provided by this extension is the ability to edit a PDF file on a shared mode, where multiple users can discuss, edit, and review a PDF file.

This extension certainly adds value to Google Chrome, and finally to the user. The extension has been a well thought add-in, keeping in mind the problems users face and a well designed solution to all those issues.

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