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Google Dictionary is another feather in the cap for Google Chrome through its extension formula, whereby they add value to the Chrome browser as well as to the users of the Chrome browser. This dictionary can be argued as one among the best cool extensions for Google chrome, though the numbers of such extensions are piling up. The only technological requisite for the smooth installation and execution of the dictionary is the need for Java on your computer and enabling of it in the browser.

This software tool is designed to enable the user to better understand the contents displayed in the Chrome browser. This tool enables us to get the meaning of any words by just the click of the mouse. When we double click any word in Chrome browser, this tool will pop up a window with the definition of the word as per dictionary definition. The specialty of this tool is that it can provide the dictionary definitions for words not only in English, but in many other languages such as French, Czech, Chinese, Russian, German, to name a few. There is also an added feature whereby we can get a detailed dictionary report for any word by just selecting the word and clicking on the dictionary’s address bar icon. This feature provides us with a more extensive and detailed report for the words definition from web entries such as Wikipedia.

Like Chrome application, this tool is also a freeware. And like all other cool extensions, the tool is easy to be deployed and enjoyable to use. There are various features available to decide on the way we can use the tool in our day to day activities. The tool has features which can suite the individual taste of the end user. Without doubt, this tool adds value to the overall value of Chrome in the competitive browser field, and among all the cool extensions available for Chrome, this dictionary tool stands unique and the best.

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