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Google Chrome To Phone is another popular Chrome extension which lets you share the links, selected phone numbers, text and maps between your PC, running Chrome browser and your phone supporting Android application. The complete set up requires two additional installations along with a valid Google account. Getting started requires some effort and once it is done, we will have to install Android app in our Phone and to get this app, Google wants you to search the internet as there are no places where a link to the Android app is provided. Running the app on the phone will automatically install the application through the auto set up feature. With a regular Google account, the application will connect to the Chrome Extension account.

There is a preferential setting option through which the users can decide on what action needs to be performed on receiving links on their phones. It is very easy to send links and texts from the Chrome browser to the registered phone. All you need to do is to just high light the text or link and click on this extension icon on the location bar, which generally stays next to the Chrome icon. The Chrome extension is observed to work precisely and efficiently. However, there are some reports of issues faced on the Android app on the phone side.

The technology involved is based on Androids Cloud to device messaging service. This allows you to simply send the links of Google maps to your mobile phone and it automatically opens the map on the phone. The same is the case with any text dependent documents and other URL based pages. For example, a YouTube based link will open the YouTube on the Android phone. This extension also allows you to dial a phone number by just selecting the number on your Chrome Browser and the call is performed on your Android phone. This extension is a well thought design useful for day to day activities of a gadget savvy person.

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