Download Facebook Themes

Facebook Themes is a plug-in designed for Google Chrome browsers to enhance the look and feel of your Facebook default page as well as the whole of its contents, with respect to your profile. By installing this plug-in to your Chrome browser, you initially change the color of your default page in Facebook to the value provided in the set of options.

This plug-in is designed for those who want to look different from other users by changing the default blue color of the Facebook page to a color of their own choice. This plug-in provides you not only the satisfaction of viewing or displaying the pages in your choice of color but also the pride in you through the envy and surprise of your contacts. This tool has been rated as one of the top Apps in 2011 and one among the top 100 social apps, worldwide.

There have been some reports that it makes the navigation slower in Facebook after installation. Also the general complaint is that the color change is ineffective once the pictures and comments are maximized. These are considered some major limitations of this utility. This is an app for those who like to be different from others and are ready to compromise a bit of their online speed, for this purpose.

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