Download Facebook Photo Zoom

Available as a free to use software utility; Facebook Photo Zoom is yet another extension utility available for Google Chrome browser application. As suggested by its name, this tool is, basically, intended to zoom or display the full version of a photograph whenever you role your mouse over the photograph in your Facebook page. The benefit of this tool is that you don’t have to click the photo and wait for the full version to load. You can just hover your mouse to view the full photo and move on. It takes you lesser time and effort to view the photographs in your Facebook pages. This feature becomes, especially, beneficial when your bandwidth is low.

Like most Google Chrome extension apps, this utility is also easy to install and implement. And you don’t have to restart the browser to start using the tool. You can activate this tool from the Tools menu. It also offers some configuration options to determine the level of zoom, the milliseconds for fading images, and options for setting keyboard shortcuts. Designed and developed by Regis Gaughan, this utility can be directly integrated into your Facebook page. So, you can use it to view profile pictures, albums, and other images in FB pages.

A Windows based tool, you can implement it in various Windows based platforms such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions. Unlike the general Google Chrome extension utilities, this tool comes with a comprehensive Help feature to help users efficiently use this app. The tool claims to work quickly and efficiently in displaying the full view of photographs as well as fading it out when you move away from the image. This is considered an ideal extension tool for those users who spend a lot of time browsing Facebook. The simple implementation and easy installation are factors that add to its other benefits.

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