Download Facebook Chat

Nobody is unaware of the most popular social networking service of the time! One of the features we mostly use with Facebook is the chat function. People use it to communicate with their friends and other users. It will surely not impress us so much if it did not provide us the chat feature. All like chatting and cannot avoid it even while having some other important tasks while surfing. The chat feature of Facebook is so loved by all as it lets you talk in real time with everyone, whether it is your close friend, spouse or just a familiar person. But this chat feature and your attachment to it keeps your attention stuck to the window where Facebook is open while you are navigating through other windows where you are doing some other work.

For helping you in such situations, Google Chrome offers you an extension with which you can handle the condition of chatting while surfing the internet. The name of the plugin is Facebook Chat and its purpose is to let you chat with your Facebook contacts while browsing the internet. It is a very small and simple Google Chrome extension that will make your life easier. Let us see how! The plugin brings an icon near the address bar of the Google Chrome and clicking on that icon, it will create a dedicated space with a list of friends and the ability to send and receive messages.

This area will always remain active whatever window you are working on. So you need not switch back and forth to the Facebook window for checking for messages and continuing the conversation. Your conversation remains unaffected by anything else using this plugin’s feature. Its interface even provides the links to other options of Facebook such as Friend Requests and Messages and clicking on them, you can access them from within this extension. It is a great and highly useful extension for Google Chrome that almost anybody using Facebook would need. So do not wait! Get it now for you!

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