Download Download Assistant for Chrome

Extensions are tiny software programs intended to enhance and modify the functionality and performance of Chrome browser. They have no user interface but appear as small icons in the browser window once installed. You can access the function they provide using those icons. Google Chrome is the most popular and functional browser today and users look for different extensions that can help them make the most out of their favorite browser program. You find a variety of extensions specially designed and available for Chrome having varying useful functionality and abilities.

One of the plugins for Google Chrome is Download Assistant for Chrome that helps you download links in your browser. It enables you to download links on a webpage with some downloaders such as FlashGet, FlashGet Mini, Thunder, Mini Thunder, QQ Whirlwind, eMule, etc. With this tool installed, you can use one of such downloader programs to download the link you find instead of using the browser's built in downloader. You can alternatively right click the download link every time and select the download manager you want to use. Just set your default downloader and the download automatically starts with your default downloader.

It is also possible to download multiple links simultaneously using any downloader that supports downloading all the links on a page. So you have a choice with your downloads now. If you are looking for avoiding the built in Chrome download manager and use the functions of another one, this plugin makes it possible for you. Get this freedom with this powerful Chrome extension for free. Downloadable links have more options now with this plugin. Download it today and manage your downloads better.


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