Download Cooliris for Google Chrome

Cooliris for Google Chrome is, basically, an extension utility for Google Chrome browser application that has been designed and developed by an entity of the same name. Available as a free to use software utility, you can implement this tool in various Windows based platforms such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions. This tool claims to offer a simple and easy mechanism to browse or view photos and videos on the Internet.

It offers support for almost all the popular photo and video websites and makes browsing images and videos a breeze. Now viewing videos in YouTube or browsing through digital photos on Facebook, Google Images, and Flickr is easy, simple, and cool! This extension also allows you to access online news websites. So getting news updates through the internet just got more interesting and exciting. You can view the latest news, watch your favorite TV episodes, or even enjoy an online movie with friends or family. All thanks to the in-built Channel feature that makes accessing these features quick and easy.

But the tool is not restricted to browsing photos on the Internet; you can also use it to browse images stored in your system or on any external storage media. It makes browsing through your social networking websites fun and easy. Since it is an extension of Google Chrome, it works with all websites that are supported by Google. This is considered one of the coolest extensions of this browser, and the fact that it works with many other supported websites makes it even more interesting and appealing.

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